What is a Segway?

A Segway is a type of Electric Personal Assisted Mobility Device (EPAMD). The definition of an EPAMD can be found in the California Vehicle Code, section 313.

It is defined as a self-balancing, non-tandem two-wheeled device that can turn in place. To be an EPAMD, the vehicle must be designed to carry only one person and must have an electric propulsion that averages less than 1 horsepower (750 watts). EPAMDs must have a maximum speed, on a level paved surface, of less than 12.5 miles per hour.

The Segways used on our tours are governed at 8mph.

California law allows EPAMDs to be used on public sidewalks, roadways, bike paths, trails and in bike lanes.

About Our Tours

Segway Tours of Petaluma currently offers 3 tour options in addition to private party events and corporate team building:

Historic Downtown Tour
Historic Downtown & Heritage Home Tour
Shollenberger Nature Tour

Each Tour Includes:
- A pre-recorded audio tour
- Safety helmet, vest and audio equipment
- A training video on how to ride a Segway
- Personal training on your Segway*

* A tour concierge will assist in training you on your Segway and answer any questions you may have about the tour, or our beautiful community in general.
If you would like suggestions on how to spend the rest of your day or recommendations on local attractions, restaurants or hotels, please do not hesitate to ask. We would be more than happy to make reservations for you after your tour! Just Ask!

Please be sure to wear layered clothing and comfortable flat shoes. We do have the ability to secure personal belongings but ask that you try to leave personal items in your car.

In order to ride a Segway there are some requirements:
- Must be 14 Years or Older
- You must weight at least 100 pounds, but not more than 260
- Must be in general good health
- Common Sense

While we hope you find the Segway experience a positive one, it is not a toy. Not paying attention or poor judgement can result in serious injury.

Mayor of Petaluma Private Segway Tour

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Segway Tours of Petaluma Promotional

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Video Testimonials of the Shollenberger Tour!

“Hi I’m Trevor and I had my first Segway tour today. I had a lot of fun — I’d never been on a Segway before and I was kind of nervous before I got on, but once I got on there I felt right at home, nice and comfortable. It was easy to use. Once you get going, you run really smooth, you can control it really easily… it’s really easy to use. I kind of want to take one home and have fun with it. My favorite part was definitely learning a lot about Shollenberger park. I didn’t really know much about it and I learned a lot about how the wetland performed, about what’s gone on to it over the years, a lot of different animals that are around there, a lot of different species that exist and kind of what’s happened to them over time. It was very informative and really fun to learn about Petaluma. I’m from here and so it’s kind of nice to learn about the history of it. The audio tour was great. The key part for me was learning about Petaluma — the history of it — through the audio tour. It was more fun than just being on the Segway riding around, which a lot of tours do nowadays. You actually get to learn something while you’re out there, so it’s definitely a key part of it.”
Trevor -

“Hi, I’m Jim Johnson, I just got off the Segway tour here at Shollenberger park today, a beautiful day, and it was a lot of fun. I had a good time, it was very interesting. I have been around this park before, but not on a Segway. It’s a whole unique, different experience — I would recommend anyone to try it. It was interesting to see with all of us in our group how people viewed us, almost like aliens going through. It was probably the first time they’d seen a group people come through on Segways, with chartreuse vests on, that was kind of fun. The audio tour was good, it was interesting. Jeff has that perfect voice — that audio, radio type voice. Very informative. I know a lot about this park because I’ve been out here before, and i’ve been on other tours, but I actually learned even more today with his audio tour, so it was very interesting. My favorite part of the tour was, I don’t know, being by the river we took a break there by a bridge and see the people and that part was really nice. So I enjoyed it and I recommend anyone to try it and my next event is downtown Petaluma — I really want to try that tour, because it’s a beautiful city and I really want to try it out.”
Jim -

“Hi, I’m Shannan! Segway Tours of Petaluma was so much fun. We’re here at the Shollenberger park in the wetlands and it’s gorgeous out here. It’s so sunny and definitely a great spot to watch the sunset. There’s tons of wildlife, it’s beautiful out here and the Segways are so much fun. I was definitely a little hesitant at first because I thought it would overpower me or I’d go flying off — definitely not the case. It was just really fun… when you’re on it, you’re so much more in control than you think. The audio portion is really cool. I’ve lived in Petaluma for five generations and there was tons of stuff I did not know. Certainly things like having the volcano that was way over there that now created the wetlands, very cool. Also, he talked about the different mailers and different historical stuff that was really fun. It’s good to know things about Petaluma and the places you’ve lived. They all seemed really excited to look at us or curious of what we were doing, so that was really funny. Otherwise, the view. You can’t beat Sonoma County no matter where you are.”
Shannan -

Video Testimonials of the Petaluma Downtown Tour!

“We had a lot of fun. It was a very informative tour, we learned a lot and… it was a great experience. The initial video was very thorough and informative. I felt very safe getting on and didn’t have any problems, so yeah, I enjoyed it a great deal. I really enjoyed the stop at Putnam Plaza and having the opportunity to stop and take pictures with my family in front of the fountain.”
Greg -

“We had a blast. It was a great way to learn about Petaluma, which is the town that we grew up in. It was a lot of fun to ride on the Segway, I’d never done it before personally, so I had a lot of fun and I felt very safe as well. I enjoyed seeing all of the heritage homes in a new light, it was a new experience to learn about the history of Petaluma. I would recommend it to all of my friends and family.”
Alyssa -

Video Testimonials of the Downtown & Heritage Home Tour!

“My name’s Tom Corbett, I live here in Petaluma. I really enjoyed the Segway tour today. I was a little concerned in the beginning having never been on one that they would be a little hard to handle, but within a few minutes I was extremely comfortable on the Segway and I think a number of people today that weren’t surfers like I was or used to balancing on things were very comfortable within a few minutes also. Surprisingly enjoyable for me. Some of the best parts were of course some of the history of Petaluma — it’s so rich in history. Also, the voice work — the recorded tour itself — was excellent. Handled well, had really good emphasis on the right things, the timing was good… it was just overall just a really enjoyable tour and the device itself, the Segway itself, is very enjoyable.”
Tom -

“Hi, my name’s Wes and I’m in from out of town visiting my brother and his kids and they invited me to go on the Segway Tour of Petaluma, which was a very fun experience. We cruised around the sidewalks of the Downtown businesses and the river and we did a historic tour of the different houses that have been around Petaluma for a while. The instructional video that we saw before our tour today was very thorough. It told us what to be aware of, what to be careful of, not to get going too fast before you actually have the learning curve figured out and by the time you hopped on and got your tour going, you felt very confident in what you were doing. My favorite spot that we visited today I think was down along the riverfront where we learned, via the recording that you get to hear on the headset as you cruise around, about the history of the river and the commerce and the development that took place there over the last 100 years or so. It was a great time. I would absolutely recommend Petaluma Segway Tours to my friends and family.”
Wes -

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